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Our Curriculum

Over 20,000 students and 1,500 schools across the U.S. are learning to code with Popfizz. Join the Popfizz learning community and experience the curriculum loved by so many students!

Creative Coding with Scratch

24 lessons (6 months)

Create your own projects and games. Share it with the world. Learn the basic concepts of programming that will help your child transition to their first programming language.

  • Basics (10 lessons) - Basic algorithms and storytelling

  • Intermediate (10 lessons) - Interactive coding

  • Advanced (10 lessons) - Complex projects

Algorithms with Python

48 classes (12 months)

Learn to program in Python. Strengthen your computer science knowledge by working with algorithms.

  • Basics (16 lessons) - Basic syntax and algorithms

  • Intermediate (16 lessons) - Complex projects

  • Advanced (16 lessons) - Python Libraries - Data Science and Game Development

Web Development with JavaScript

48 classes (12 months)

Create websites and web-based tools using JavaScript. 

  • Basics (16 lessons) - Website development

  • Intermediate (16 lessons) - three.js and game development framework

Game Development with Roblox

12 classes (3 months)

Create your own Roblox world and share it with the world. Learn to make special features using 3D modeling and coding. 

  • Basics (6 lessons) - Modeling and effects 

  • Intermediate (6 lessons) - Scripting 

  • Advanced (4 lessons) - Complex projects

AP Computer Science A with Java

48 classes (12 months)

Do you need help with the AP Computer Science A studies? Aim for 5 with the College Board endorsed Popfizz curriculum. 

  • Basics (16 lessons) - Basic Java Syntax, Classes and Objects

  • Intermediate (16 lessons) - Data Structure

  • Advanced (16 lessons) - Inheritance and Polymorphism, Recursion

Coming Soon

More courses coming soon!

  • App Development

  • Cybersecurity

What Our Parents Say


김연희,  장서우 (초등 3학년) 학생 학부모

지인 분이 추천해주셔서 팝피즈코딩클럽을 처음 알게 되었는데, 교육을 받아보니 코딩을 심화적으로 배울 수 있고 특히 아이가 집중하며 재밌게 배워서 좋았습니다. 매주 금요일을 기다릴 만큼요. 선생님은 두 분과 수업을 진행했는데 두 분 모두 만족스럽게 진행해주셨고, 유연한 사고를 기르기 위해서 앞으로도 파이썬까지 팝피즈코딩클럽과 함께 쭉 코딩 교육을 할 예정입니다. 팝피즈코딩클럽을 추천해준 지인에게 감사 인사를 드렸답니다. 앞으로도 유익한 수업 잘 부탁드립니다

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