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What Makes Popfizz Special?

Learn to code with expert tutors who will take your child from basics to pro in fun and engaging ways. 1:1 classes will help your child succeed. 

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popfizz coding club

Over 20,000 students and 5,000 schools across the U.S. are learning to code with Popfizz. Join the Popfizz learning community and experience the curriculum loved by so many students!

Field Tested Curriculum

Endorsed by Trusted Organizations

Popfizz curriculum is endorsed by the College Board, Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA), Microsoft TEALS, and Code.org. 

Popfizz coding club


Spend one hour a week. Go from basics to advanced through our CS Pathway. 

Level 1

6 months (24 classes)

Intro to Computer Science with Scratch

Create animations and adventure games


3 months (12 classes)

Game Development with Roblox

Create Obbies and escape room games

LEVEL 3 & 4

12 months (48 classes)

Algorithms with Python


12 months (48 classes)

Game Development with JavaScript

Level 4

12 months (48 classes)

AP Computer Science A with Java 

Prepare for the AP CSA Exam. Aim for 5!

The Popfizz Approach

Popfizz is designed to help foster computational thinking skills.

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Popfizz Coding Club

Popfizz Coding Club

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  • 4 classes

    $45.50 per class
    • Course materials
    • Access to online course
    • 4 tutoring sessions
  • 12 classes

    $37 per class
    • Course materials
    • Access to online course
    • 12 tutoring sessions
  • 24 Classes

    $33.50 per class
    • Course materials
    • Access to online course
    • 24 tutoring sessions


Do I need to know how to code?

No, Anyone can start learning. 


 Request a trial.


What grade levels do you recommend taking the courses?

Grade 3 and up is recommended.

What goes on during the tutoring session?

Every week, for one hour, tutors will help your child learn to code with inquiry-based learning approach. Your child will have the opportunity to actively present, discuss, and ask questions. 


What are the technical requirements?

You must have a stable internet connection, a laptop or a computer, and access to Zoom. 

We recommend having an extra monitor or a pad to see the tutor's screen and also be able to code at the same time. 

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Cancel at any time. Unused sessions will be refunded. The attended sessions will be calculated at a nondiscounted price. Notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours before the upcoming session to avoid charges. Email info@popfizz.io.

Can I change my schedule?

Yes. Just make sure to notify us at least 24 hours before the next session to avoid charges. Email info@popfizz.io.