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AP Computer Science

Aim for 5!

90 min sessions

Ages  14 - 18

$90 per session

AP Computer Science 

AP Computer Science can be challenging especially when you have so many things on your plate. 1:1 tutoring with expert tutors will get you on track for earning a 5 in no time.

Spend 90 minutes a day for two weeks and see your confidence and skills grow. 


Get 1:1 tutoring

  • Receive 1:1 guidance from expert tutors who will personalize learning for each student. 

  • Get access to a College Board endorsed online curriculum and master important concepts through step-by-step tutorials and plenty of practice.

  • Develop test-taking skills and confidence. 


Register for classes risk-free. Cancel at any time. 

Schedule a 1:1 trial class to get started.

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