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Be Curious. Be Global. Be Bold.

Taking on Challenges Begins with

Asking Questions


Be Curious

How does your child react when he or she comes across a challenge? What steps do they take to solve the problem? Do they ask questions? Do they ask for help? Do they research it? Whichever strategy the child uses, the experience of tackling these challenges contributes greatly to building confidence and grit.


The ability to ask questions is a crucial skill needed for the future generation. It is the ones who ask questions who will take on challenges and seek solutions. 

Popfizz Coding Club helps students take on challenges, discover their passion for computer science, and design creative solutions so that they'll thrive in the rapidly changing world. 


Do you recall the first problem you encountered as a child? Getting lost in a mall, forgetting to bring homework to school - your child will encounter big and small challenges.  

Popfizz Coding Club program is designed to help students formulate questions, communicate ideas logically, and develop solutions using computer science and coding. 

Be curious. Be global. Be bold. 

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